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Monday June 17th 2024
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* wondax * Weezy why is it that all xtgem site including urs does not download anything when u want to download it, it will detect error
2014-06-23 10:32 · (0)
* Weezy * wondax How do you mean by 'detect error' and whats the message you do get when you want to download?
2014-06-23 13:52 · (0)
* wondax * Weezy the message is "this message is displayed cuz our system detected that ur were refer to diz file by unknown source.." that is it.....or maybe is my browser
2014-06-23 21:04 · (0)
* Weezy * wondax Its not an error message, its just displayed to tell u d main host of the file with a link to download the file .. For my site ..i dont think it woks bcos i used a hotlink ..if u click on any file ..d download page will open ..if u click on the 'download' image immediately, the file will start downloading without showing the message buh if u delay and later click the download image ..d message might display!
2014-06-24 06:00 · (0)

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