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Saturday September 23rd 2023
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DuraForce Pro: Another Rugged Smartphone With Waterproof By Kyocera

Hoping to make you forget all about that GoPro of yours, Kyocera has stuffed an action camera into the ruggedized body of its upcoming DuraForce Pro smartphone. The action camera inside of the DuraForce Pro, which has been dubbed the “Triple Threat,” includes a wide-angle lens and it captures video in full HD. The camera can capture videos in slow-mo and time-lapse modes and can also film within sports and underwater modes, thanks to the mil-spec 810G and IP68 certificates it holds. In order to make the most of the action cam found inside, Kyocera says the camera will even support “popular” action camera mounts. More...
2016-08-12 20:09 · (0)
* Weezy * spainshkid iPhone 6s plus is the king, no doubt!
2016-08-13 06:01 · (0)
* spainshkid * Weezy Hmm bt i prefer note7
2016-08-16 08:07 · (0)
* spainshkid
Few Links That You Can have Access To Netzywap With


We have finally update our links in which our users can simply have access to this blog with those links.
Many people find it hard to type http://netzywap.xtgem.com why not http://netzywap.com? Thats the question i often recieved from some of our users but for now we have register some domains that you can have access to this blog with. More...
2016-08-16 08:29 · (1)
* spainshkid
This Company Promise To Build a Flying Car Soon


Which will come first: flying cars, or self-driving cars? Both are technologies that have been in the works for some time, but neither one is remotely ready for mass market. More...
2016-08-16 08:33 · (0)
* Weezy * spainshkid Wow, flying cars ..car crash for space ..hmm
2016-08-16 14:51 · (0)

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