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Tuesday July 23rd 2024
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* Weezy * KENbaze Tag? As in how ..gv an example!
2015-03-02 12:11 · (0)
* chizzy4real * Weezy Plzz weezy teach me how i can post image in my forum
2015-03-02 14:27 · (0)
* Weezy * chizzy4real Try the bbcode tag for image, copy d code below
Copy code
2015-03-02 23:09 · (0)
* KENbaze * Weezy I mean, i mean the tag code used for download page that would be paste in a page in page and would show if one want to download file like Download page for content manager
2015-03-03 08:19 · (0)
* Weezy * KENbaze Its in ur wapka site, go to content manager > guildline > set unified page ..u will see d download page tags there ..below is a sample of
Content manager filelist code wt download page code
:list-music: cid=15825, l=20, o=tu, s=1 ::<div class="rmenu"><img src="%thumburl%"/><br/><a href="%viewurl%"><b> %title%</b></a><br/>Desc:%description%<br/>[%filesize% ][%downtotal%]</div>:: :/list-music: <div align="left" class="filelist_paging">:paging:n=1,u=site_4.%ext%?get-n=%n%&get-o=tu ::<b>PAGES : %n%.%n%.%n%.%n%.%n%...%nlast%</b> :/paging:</div> <div align="left" class="filelist_paging"><form method="get" action="site_4.xhtml"><input type="text" name="get-n" size="3" value="1"/><input type="submit" value="Jump"/></form></div>
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u can change the :list-music: to :list-video: , :list-image: , :list-game: , :list-software: depending on the one u want to view .. Copy the download page code below
<div class="content_view_container"><div class="brdr"><div class="menu" align="center"><b>::TITLE::</b></div>
<div align="center" class="list6">::THUMBNAIL::<table width="100%"><td width="34%" align="center"><a href="::LINK_DOWNLOAD::"><div class="download"><img src="" /><br/><b><span style="color: white;">Download</span></b></div></a></td></table></div></div><div class="brdr" align="left"><div class="menu" align="center"><b>File Information</b></div><div class="fwhr">Size: ::SIZE::</div><div class="fdhr">Hits: ::HITS::</div><div class="fwhr">Category: ::CATEGORY::</div><div class="fdhr">Share: <a href="::LINK_SHARE_FB::"><img src="/img/400520/400520029_937f559d34.png" alt="image" /></a> <a href="::LINK_SHARE_TWITTER::"><img src="/img/400520/400520031_e2b587516a.png" alt="image" /></a></div></div>

Copy code
2015-03-03 12:56 · (0)
* chizzy4real * Weezy Plzz weezy i want u to teach me how i can upload large image in my forum pllzz dat z image dat iz large dan 20 kb
2015-03-05 10:42 · (0)
* Weezy * chizzy4real go to global settings > forum > wcode > untick img go to wap2 > styles for content in
forun > own msg in own forum... now befor the ::msg:: tag.. put this
<span name="topic"><ing

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after that goto your forum footer usually site_-ID.xhtml and add
<script language="javascript"><br />var msg=document.getElementsByName("topic");<br />for(var i=0;i<msg.length;i++){<br />var oldtext=document.getElementsByName("topic")[i].innerHTML;<br />var newtext=oldtext.replace(/(^|[n ])([w]+?://[^ ,"nrt<]*)/ig, "$1<a href='$2'>$2</a>");<br />newtext=newtext.replace(/<td><span><img src='(.+?)' alt='' style='background-color:red;max- width:100%;' /></span></td>/ig, "<a href='$1'><img src='$1' alt='image' /></a>");<br />document.getElementsByName("topic")[i].innerHTML=newtext;<br />}<br /></script>
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thats all!
2015-03-05 23:21 · (0)
* Weezy * chizzy4real U must not create thread for evry code request u wnt to mk, dis thread is enough for u to request all d wapka related codes ..for the counter code ..jux add </img> to the code
<img src="" width="110" height="64" border="0" alt=" - Free web counter"></img>
Copy code
thats all!
2015-03-05 23:25 · (-1)
* chizzy4real * Weezy Tank u wizzy 4 all ur help bt i need u to help me:.check my site wen a visitor clicks on naija news it will appear dat a visitor will update it it will show were d visitor will add i want to make it admin dat z i will be d only one to post in d forum
2015-03-08 02:48 · (0)
* chizzy4real * Weezy Plzz weezy i ave paste day js dose it mean i should pate d first code now?
2015-03-08 03:01 · (0)

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