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»How To Activate Your Twitter Account On 2go
[1]. Visit www.twitter.com and sign in to your twitter account. Now you are Logged in, visit www.tweet.im and click on the "Sign in with twitter" button..
[2]. When you have signed in, Click on "Authorise App". Now here is where you do select your desired account to use it on, well it's recommended to use Gmail because 2go only authorise Gtalk, Kindly select Gmail and fill in your Gmail email address and password..
[3]. Then Click On Register button, Now Open your 2go and go to Settings, click on Gateway and select Gtalk then activate using your gmail email and password..
[4]. Now go to your friend lists and you will see a request from Twitter, click and accept request and add Twiiter as a friend, That's All. Now you have successfully added Twitter gateway to your 2go.
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