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»New 2go Version 6.0
2go version 6.0 looks much more like Whatsapp messenger - 2go has launched a new version (version 6.0) with new features. All 2go lovers, their’s finally good news for you all! Most people prefer the 2go interactive mobile application to Whatsapp but kept pleading with the 2go team to improve their features to enable much faster delivery system and to boost smooth chat between friends and loved ones. Well, 2go has just done that with lots of added visible features which happens to be a great improvement upon the former 5.0 version of 2go.
2go v6.0 has alots of new features added but the most expected of the features are the new profile form and the new star levels (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond)
Click HERE to download 2go v6.0 for java and symbian phones. Blackberry and Android users should download from wap.2go.im. Below are screenshots of 2go v6.0.
2go v6.0 logo
2go v6.0 friends list
2go v6.0 profile
2go v6.0 profile
2go v6.0 stars
2go v6.0 stars
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