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»2go With Multi Media Xplorer
Download 2go With Multi Media Xplorer HERE..
Features: This 2go Multi Media Xplorer Can Be Used For 2go Chat, Screenshotting While Chatting, Adding Background Picture, Playing Videos, Playing Audios, Viewing Pictures, Sending File via Bluetooth (Renaming Of File Before Sending Is Also Allowed)
How To Use
After Downloading, Open And "Allow Application Access". Press On The 2go Application To Access Your 2go Account, Use The * Button To Minimize To The Menu. Press On The Media Player Xplorer To Open, Locate Where The File (Music, Video Or Picture File) You Want To Use Is Press On It To Open. To Send File via Bluetooth, Locate The File And Press Option, Scroll To "Send" And Switch On The Bluetooth To Send. To Rename Before Sending, While Searching For The Recipient Device, Press Option And Choose "Rename Before Sending". To Minimize To The Menu, Press Hold The * Button.
Note:Please Make Sure That Application Tone Is Activated In Your Profile Settings Before Using The Multi Media Xplorer. To Screenshot, Press Hold The Green Button In Dialing Calls To Screenshot.. You'll Find Your Screenshotted Page In A Folder Named Jie In Your Memory Card.
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