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Wednesday July 24th 2024
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»Css Basics
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Chapter 1: Introduction to CSS
Chapter 2: CSS Syntax
Chapter 3: CSS Classes
Chapter 4: CSS IDs
Chapter 5: CSS Divisions
Chapter 6: CSS Spans
Chapter 7: CSS Margins
Chapter 8: CSS Padding
Chapter 9: CSS Text Properties
Chapter 10: CSS Font Properties
Chapter 11: CSS Anchors, Links and Pseudo Classes
Chapter 12: CSS Backgrounds
Chapter 13: CSS Borders
Chapter 14: CSS Ordered & Unordered Lists
Chapter 15: CSS Width and Height Properties
Chapter 16: CSS Classification
Chapter 17: CSS Positioning
Chapter 18: CSS Pseudo Elements
Chapter 5: CSS Divisions

Ok so you have finished the first 4 chapters in my series. You have learned the very basics of CSS, how the syntax works and a bit about classes and IDs. Now we are gonna take a quick break from CSS and focus on the (X)HTML side of using it.

Divisions are a block level (X)HTML element used to define sections of an (X)HTML file. A division can contain all the parts that make up your website. Including additional divisions, spans, images, text and so on.
You define a division within an (X)HTML file by placing the following between the <body></body> tags:

Site contents go here

Though most likely you will want to add some style to it. You can do that in the following fashion:
<div id="container">
Site contents go here

The CSS file contains this:

width: 70%;
margin: auto;
padding: 20px;
border: 1px solid #666;
background: #ffffff;

Now everything within that division will be styled by the "container" style rule, I defined within my CSS file. A division creates a linebreak by default. You can use both classes and IDs with a division tag to style sections of your website.
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